And the water was a living, breathing thing,

Content sometimes to nudge at one’s toes;

Weave between them like a well-trained pet

Weaves between his owners legs.

Other times, it reared great and terrible teeth,

Hard enough if not from their weight,

Or sharpened points or solid bulk –

Then from their sheer force of will,

Like a boy’s intent to harm his father

When he believes himself wronged.

Yet he still loves the man who

Brought him into being.

And so it is that the stream and brook

And river and ocean and rain

Quieten soon, lay placid once more

Around one’s ankles, and fingers, and toes.


You moved too many mountains for me,
And now the ground is rocky –
Now the earth quakes beneath us –
Now oceans grow wings
To fly at the land where they
Break all the things that they
Swore they would love;
Now I hold onto fences, lamp-posts,
Abandoned cars and bicycles
To keep me steady as I walk; Continue reading


There were rose bushes in the garden
So sometimes she sat outside
On the meltingly hot days
And later, more and more
On scratchy, windy evenings
With nothing to do but listen to the birds –
And later still, when there were no birds,
Since the trees had died and rotted now,
All she did was listen to the wind
And her breath
Even her own heartbeat Continue reading

A Tunnel, A Light; A Long, Long Climb

Bag hitting back
Every step, every step
And the climb is a long one
They called her
Fat girl, retard,
Slanty-eyes, lesbian,
Immigrant, come to steal our jobs
They called her
Slut, snitch, whore, grass,
Slag, bitch, horse-face,
Bigfoot, idiot,
Limp-leg, pimples,
Scarface, fat-face,
Skanky little know-it-all,
Ugly, stupid, no-friends,
Bighead, pig-face.
And the climb is a long one.

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